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City Kids Daycare Downtown Columbus and Hilliard BBB Business Review
City Kids Daycare Downtown Columbus and Hilliard BBB Business Review
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At City Kids Downtown we are very proud of our teachers. They are the most important part of our program! Also we are very proud of how many years of experience the teachers have. There are over 194 years of experience in child care and education represented at our school. As you can see from the profiles, many teachers have stayed with us for a long time. This adds stability, continuity, and depth to the program at City Kids. We are happy to provide exceptional service to all the families in our care.

All of our teachers recieve certification in First Aid, CPR, Child Abuse Prevention, and Communicable Disease Management along with 6 hours of Professional Development Training each year.

JULIET- Director
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Juliet earned her degree in Early Childhood Development from Columbus State University. She did part of her Internship here at City Kids and then became our Infant Room teacher in 1993. During her career Juliet worked for Head Start, ran City Kids' partnership Infant / Toddler program at the Homeless Families Foundation, and then she became the Director of City Kids Downtown. Juliet leads at City Kids with calm strength, knowledge and experience.
MELODY - Infant Room

Melody has been at City Kids since 2005. She has a degree in Social Services and has completed many in service training hours over her 30 years experience in child care. Melody is the mother of three and a loving wife.

She adds a wonderful warm atmosphere to the infant room and everyone knows the Infant Room is well organized when Melody is there.

TINA - Pre-K –Borders Room
Tina Tina is our most senior teacher; as she has worked at City Kids since 1992. Her variety of experiences with different age groups makes her a valuable resource for many parents and teachers. Tina graduated from Ft. Hayes Early Childhood Program during which time she interned at City Kids. When she graduated City Kids immediately hired her! When the center needs help, Tina is the teacher to step in and take care of what needs to be done.
TRACY - Office

Tracy is has been at City Kids since 1997, and she has many years of experience.

Tracy's close family and her experiences with her three lovely daughters has made her a very kind, supportive teacher. She has a spark of fun in her and this helps make every day fun at City Kids.

LORI - PreSchool - Cover to Cover Room

Lori has been a teacher at City Kids since 1997. She runs a very exciting classroom with many many fun preschool activities.

Her students have great stories about their day every day.

CATHIE - Office
Cathie works in the office and has been working for City Kids since November 2012. Her favorite thing about working for the center is being able to be creative with her job. Cathie graduated undergrad from the University of Colorado in 2010 and worked for 2 years with Disney online, focusing on child safety. Some of her hobbies are the outdoors, baking, dogs, swimming. She received her Masters of Human Resource Management from The Ohio State University in 2016.
KAYLA - Cover to Cover Room
Kayla started at City Kids as an intern in 2014, becoming a Preschool teacher in our Cover to Cover classroom soon after. She loves kids and has two of daughters of her own.
MARICAR- Infant Room
Maricar began working at City Kids in 2015 bringing many years of child care experience. She enjoys doing art projects with the babies and getting to know the parents. She is a mother to two wonderful kids!
City Kids Daycare in Hilliard is a preschool with a strong age appropriate academic curriculum; We are also proud of the fact that we run the center as a family. One of our high priorities is to provide a place where children feel happy and supported.

One quality of City Kids in Hilliard that distinguishes us from other schools is the character and experience of our teachers. On our staff we have more than 125 years of teaching and childcare experience! We are very proud of the fact that we have so many teachers who have been with us for many years. We want it to be a good place for teachers, which makes it an even better place for children and families.
  Kristen Moseley is a graduate of Purdue University in Elementary Education and has been the director of City Kids in Hilliard since October of 2002; before that she was the director of the downtown City Kids from 1992 - 1996. Kristen has a great balance between spending time with the children in the mornings, doing office work, giving tours of the center and promoting City Kids to the Hilliard community through the Hilliard Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Hilliard.
KEREN - Assistant Director
Keren is the Assistant Director at City Kids Hilliard. Keren has been at City Kids since 2002 and has 3 children of her own. She loves music and likes to play her guitar and sing with the kids. Keren enjoys being in the office and getting to interact with all the families at City Kids, getting to know them and helping their children learn and grow each day. City Kids is like a second home to her and she couldn't imagine working anywhere else!
MATTY - Infant Room
Matty is one of our amazing Infant teachers. She has a deep love of children and a gentle and calm personality that makes her perfect for working with our babies! Matty has a love for music, hanging out with her friends, painting and hiking! We are so happy to have Matty here at City Kids!
KIM - Toddlers / Schoolagers
Kimmesi has been our Young Toddler teacher since 2007! She loves working with those new toddlers, helping to further develop their walking, talking and social skills. Kim always has fun, age appropriate activities for the kids, making sure they have plenty of outside time, water play and circle time! She also runs our summer schoolage program.. Summer is always a great time and the kids go on one field trip each week!
HEATHER - Older Infant Room
Heather Heather has been with City Kids since 2005. She is our Older Toddler teacher, as well as working in the office each evening. It takes a special love to work with the young ones, and Heather brings a great balance between letting them have free choice time to learn and discover on their own and helping them to start building a love for learning through structured group times. She is also the queen of potty training, which the parents really love the most!! Heather has 2 children of her own and loves seeing all of the kids here at City kids each day.
DANIELLE - Young Preschool Teacher
Danielle is our Young Preschool teacher. She comes to City Kids with lots of experience with children. Danielle does a great job in her room extending the children's skills with letters, numbers, writing, and social skills. Danielle is always ready to jump in and do hands on activities with her class.
STACEY - Pre-K Teacher
Stacey is our Pre-Kindergarten teacher. She has been with City Kids for more than 13 years! Stacey brings her love of children, music, peace, love and happiness to her classroom. She is dedicated to preparing her class for kindergarten by really focusing on each individual child's needs. Stacey can always be found doing great artwork, cooking, or singing with her class!
LIBBY - Infant Room
Libby is one of our great infant teachers! Libby has 2 daughters of her own and loves watching all the children learn and grow each day. She has worked for City Kids for 2 years now! Libby has a great sense of humor and is always finding the fun in every day.
TAYLOR - Older Infant Room
Taylor is our older infant teacher. She has one daughter of her own and really enjoys her time with the little ones that are just learning to walk and talk. Taylor plans many hands-on activities for her kids and loves introducing them to new art projects, songs and makes learning fun!
IMAN - Substitute/Summer Toddler Teacher
Iman has been working for City Kids for almost 2 years now! She is our Toddler teacher during the summer, and she is a great substitute during the fall while she is at school. Iman is always happy and smiling, making every day she is at City Kids a great day!
RACHEL - Toddler Room
Rachel is one of our amazing toddler teachers! She is always ready to play with her energetic classroom. They love going outside, doing hands-on art projects, singing songs and dancing the day away! Rachel has one child of her own in the infant room and loves that she is able to visit him on her break during the day. We love having Rachel here at City Kids!
MITZI - Substitute / Infant Room
Mitzi has been a great addition to our staff! She gets to visit in lots of the classrooms and closes our infant room each day. Mitzi is kind, fun and loves being a part of the children's lives here at City Kids each day!
ANTONIO - Floater / Schoolagers / Young Preschool
Antonio has been a part of our City Kids Family for a long time now! His wife, Miss Kim has been working with us for over 10 years! Tony is always ready to jump in and play. He can be found outside playing ball with the schoolagers, running around with the preschool or even rocking a baby in the infant room! Tony loves all the children at City Kids and they love him!

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